Dear Graduates,

The 59th BAU Batch for the academic year 2021-2022 has emitted out of all local and global challenges, we proudly announce you as our ambassadors in the journey of a practical life that begins today and opens the horizons for fulfilling your dreams and making your vision an actuality. Beirut Arab University has proven with you the strong motivation, spirit and great determination, despite the COVID-19 pandemic along with the financial and economic crises that befell Lebanon, to allow no difficulties - that hinder over using opportunities to succeed and graduate with hearts full of hope and passion.

Along with you, BAU’s motto was "Building Resilience" and is adhesive to it for years to come. This motto was clarified in BAU Strategy 2020-2030 that was inspired by nature and the olive tree for its strong roots and good products, allowing the enhancement of its internal and external networks to ensure you with a professional higher education by implementing online and blended learning pushing the boundaries of knowledge further, in a professional, accurate, and serious manner.

Out of the great interest regarding your health and wellbeing, BAU has exerted enormous capabilities in overcoming any inconvenient challenges by dedicating all resources to provide you with the necessary safety measures.

BAU graduates, today, all hats are raised in honor and pride for you, the instructors, and families for the outstanding efforts in resolving all adversities in strength and now the admirable spirited beliefs have been rewarded.

Dear alumni, Congratulations for this great achievement that radiates bliss and hope for an encouraging future. May God Almighty grant you success with prosperity in your imminent life, crowned with outstanding victories in the forthcoming years.

Prof. Amr Galal El-Adawi
President of Beirut Arab University